8th International Conference of Port Cities, 22-25 October 2002, Dalian, China

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Dr. Theo Notteboom, Associate Professor of ITMMA attended the '8th International Conference of Port Cities' organised by the Association Internationale des Villes et Ports (AIVP) (http://www.aivp.com/) which was held in Dalian (China) from 22 to 25 October 2002. The general theme of the conference was 'Port cities and world trade: urban strategies and industrial dynamics'.

As all port cities are becoming conscious of the opportunities in the growing globalisation of the economy, the local actors, both public and private, have henceforth to make industrial, logistical and urban choices on which will depend the future of their port city in the new global dynamics. This was one of the major challenges addressed during the '8th International Conference of Port Cities'.

Dr. Theo Notteboom presented the paper on 'The quest for sustainable port development: managing stakeholder relations in a highly competitive port environment' during plenary session 10 of the conference. The conference in Dalian was complemented by a visit to the Shipping Management College and the Transport Management College of the Dalian Maritime University (DMU). For this occasion Dr. Theo Notteboom prepared a guest lecture on 'Spatial and functional developments in the European container ports Antwerp and Rotterdam'. Talks were held with DMU staff in view of stimulating structural co-operation between DMU and ITMMA.


(from left to right) Prof. Dr. Tian Zheng (Shipping Management College, DMU) and Prof. Dr. Theo Notteboom (Associate Professor ITMMA)