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ITMMA of the University of Antwerp is one of the world's premier suppliers of highly specialized academic and practice-based maritime and logistics education and research. Our activities include M.Sc. programs, a Ph.D. program, short-term courses and tailor-made post-experience programs, research and publications and trend-setting events and conferences. _________________________________________________________________________ 

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Most of the port-related academic publications from the ITMMA research team can be downloaded from the PortEconomics.eu website.


Most recent journal publications:

  • Notteboom Theo , Pallis Athanasios A., De Langen Peter W., Papachristou Aimilia.- Advances in port studies : the contribution of 40 years maritime policy & management, Maritime policy and management - ISSN 0308-8839 - 40:7(2013), p. 636-653

  • Notteboom Theo , Cullinane K., Sanchez R., Wilmsmeier G..- Advancing shipping and seaports in a changing global economic landscape, International journal of shipping and transport logistics - ISSN 1756-6517 - 5:4/5(2013), p. 367-372

  • Parola Francesco, Notteboom Theo , Satta Giovanni, Rodrigue Jean-Paul.- Analysis of factors underlying foreign entry strategies of terminal operators in container ports,Journal of transport geography - ISSN 0966-6923 - 33(2013), p. 72-84

  • Notteboom Theo , De Langen Peter, Jacobs Wouter.- Institutional plasticity and path dependence in seaports : interactions between institutions, port governance reforms and port authority routines, Journal of transport geography - ISSN 0966-6923 - 27(2013), p. 26-35

  • Lin Feng, Notteboom Theo .- Peripheral challenge by small and medium sized ports (SMPs) in multi-port gateway regions : the case study of northeast of China, Polish Maritime Research - ISSN 1233-2585 - 20(2013), p. 55-66

  • Chen Tao, Lee Paul Tae-Woo, Notteboom Theo .- Shipping line dominance and freight rate practices on trade routes : the case of the Far East-South Africa trade, International journal of shipping and transport logistics - ISSN 1756-6525 - 5:2(2013), p. 155-173

  • Notteboom Theo , Cariou Pierre.- Slow steaming in container liner shipping : is there any impact on fuel surcharge practices?,INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT - ISSN 0957-4093 - 24:1(2013), p. 73-86

  • Chen Kang, Yang Zhongzhen, Notteboom Theo .- The design of coastal shipping services subject to carbon emission reduction targets and state subsidy levels, Transportation research: part E: logistics and transportation review - ISSN 1366-5545 - 61(2014), p. 192-211

  • Rodrigue Jean-Paul, Notteboom Theo .- The geography of cruises : itineraries, not destinations, Applied geography - ISSN 0143-6228 - 38(2013), p. 31-42

  • Jacobs Wouter, Koster Hans R.A., van Oort Frank.- Co-agglomeration of knowledge-intensive business services and multinational enterprises , Journal of economic geography - (2013), 33 p.

ITMMA / ESPO REPORTS (European SeaPorts Organisation) 

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